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SHAPES is driven by a passion for creative partnership to enhance children’s education. Teachers are using content in innovative ways every day to see amazing results. Organisations, businesses and brands are creating incredible content every day. Here at SHAPES, we join it all together to make something extra special.

School is where ideas are born and where they flourish; so we want to source the best creative content to support teachers and children in the learning process, making sure that everyone gains access to the best ideas and that everyone benefits from the results.

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SHAPES was founded by Jenny Baldwin, a qualified teacher, Lead Practitioner and former Head of English. After several years teaching in the UK and abroad she worked for leading publisher Penguin Random House Children’s Books to support research for the Penguin Schools business. She has since worked for the editorial team at Viking and has spent three years as a marketer for Scholastic UK's award-winning children's books and education resources. 


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